We are radically unrivaled. We are high fashion. We are polarizing, but always in style.
Mediocrity is not an option for us. We’ve been 2020 in 2000 already!

Can you name another hairstylist who has four salons, an academy, an agency,
17 brands and its very own range of products?
Our knowledge is our know-how! Whoever copies us ran out of ideas.
We are unique. Even if it sounds like a worn out cliché.(;

And last but not least: without vanity, there is no ambition, and without ambition,
there is no progress. So we hope you don’t mind, but we prefer to stay vain!

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Open House – “Hausmesse Haarsprache”
Hair Language 2019. May 19th to 20th, 2019

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No matter whether Prime HairColoring specialist, Supreme HairColoring specialist or OrganicHairColoring® licensee – everyone is representing a unique quality of hair coloring!

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