BrockmannundKnoedler Corporate Culture


Visionary mindset – Organic visions

BrockmannundKnoedler is an organically grown group of companies that operates internationally. Comprising four salons, a private school for individual hair language, a design and marketing agency, as well as 17 own brands it unfolds more creative power and active force than most industrial giants in the beauty and cosmetics sector. Visionaries and owners Petra Brockmann and Thomas Brockmann-Knödler are trailblazers and driving forces in the hairdressing business. Their know-how finds expression in current trend, seminar and product developments in the form of global relaunches, which shape the hairdresser’s trade on a worldwide basis. Organic Lifestyle is the fundament of their philosophy, stimulating watchfulness, quality and individual growth for the entire industry. This leading role, future-oriented approach and modern community aspect can be felt across all business units of the group.


Personal growth – Organic Learning

We are convinced that lifelong learning is a precious asset for every company as a whole and for every single employee alike. There is nothing more rewarding than facing new challenges, get to grips with new concepts and strategies and to earn and find one’s own position in the company, in society and in personal life. So it is only natural that we create the necessary space for further development and, simultaneously, a holistic network for knowledge exchange, inspiration and community.


Diversified client perception – Organic Service

Today, every customer expects a genuine form of fulfillment of its personal wishes and needs. The true value of a service is highly dependent on the right portion of satisfaction, a tangible quality and a perceptible added value. Our capability to look very carefully, to perceive and consider every human being as a unique individual not only reflects the very essence of our success seminar Kopfarbeit und mehr® – Brainwork and more, but moreover represents our corporate mentality and the basis of our organic philosophy. Not least, every brand, seminar and product arises from the curiosity to fully satisfy the preferences and demands of our customers.


Dynamic community – Organic Community

For more than 20 years our private school for individual hair language has been providing hairdressers and entrepreneurs with a unique platform to approach their trade from a new perspective, create their very own language of hair and establish a genuine selling proposition for their business. To share our USP and experiences with other hairdressers and partners is a matter of course for us and absolutely necessary to boost quality and reputation of the hairdressing trade in Europe. A community is developing around us and wants to grow with us. We are united by the desire to get the focus back on our trade, creative liberty and individuality. You want to join us? Then welcome to our world.