What you can expect!

We never compromise on quality. We provide you with all the ingredients, but it’s YOUR turn to put the pieces together!

We love hair.

Individuality is an increasingly used expression, and yet so important!

Organic is neither „bio“, nor vegan or nature, but organic.

OrganicHairCutting®, OrganicHairColoring®, Organic Lifestyle® – it’s all ours!
You want that too? You can have it.

Competitive thinking is yesterday’s news. Welcome to the day after tomorrow!

You will always get the best we can give!

The customer is king, but we are certainly no mere executors of customer wishes.
We are real, honest and never at a loss for words.

Our work is precious … and it has its price!
We love life, our work, and give it all our passion, heart and soul.

P.S.: If you find yourself waiting for a while in our salon, the academy, our agency or
in one of our other business units, always remember:
Time might progress slowly if you have to wait, but once it’s YOUR turn,
you will wish it would never fade away! So please understand us when things are
taking a bit longer. Our time together will be worth it. And when you leave,
you’ll be just happy.